Are Quilters breaking in to the limo industry?

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Do you remember the days when your mom decided to bust out the old wooden boards and the C-clamps? You know what I’m talking about… those long ole’ wooden frames that sit in the storage in the garage or attic for 12 months out of the year. What is it about moms that make them want to bust out a quilt once a year?

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I don’t know about your mom, but mine never finished any of them. It seems like she has been working on the same damn quilt for 12 years. Hell, I’ve even someone inherit a half-done quilt, and then hang on to it long enough to pass on to the next generation and guess what?


Its still not finished?


And the whole time your mom is yelling at you to finish your homework, finish your piano lessons, finish eating your vegetables, all the while they just need to finish the quilt! What happen to them setting the example? They don’t finish the quilt just like you didn’t want to finish cleaning your room!


Is quilting really worse than cleaning your room, or eating vegetables? If so, why the hell do people all of a sudden get the urge to break out the wooden frames once a year and put themselves through hell for a few weeks until they finally hang it up again for another year.

I know that here in Salt Lake City there are a lot of quilters. There are entire stores dedicated to just quilters. The Wasatch Front is dotted with craft stores, fabric stores and sewing machine repair shops. I think there’s even a store called the Quilted Bear? What is that? A store that is full of partially completed stuffed animals that sit in storage 11 months out of the year?

This has got to be a class at BYU or at the University of Utah. Never finish a quilt 101.

So why in the world would these once-a-year hobbyist think they can do anything to influence the limo industry?

With all the trends in Salt Lake with the quilted look of clothing, some are deciding that the plush and comfortable look and feel of quilted fabric should belong in Limousines, especially Hummer limos and stretch limos. What’s wrong with the traditional leather? I mean, unless you are going on a picnic in your limo and need to take the upholstery out to sit on while you eat, why would you want a quilt? Limos are for luxury, and quilts are for comfort. Are we getting these confused?


That would be like confusing a towing company for a window tinting company. Yeah they can both really help your car out, but if you are broke down on the side of the I-15 in downtown Salt Lake, there’s not much that a window tinting company from Arizona can do for you.

Just like there is a time and a place for towing companies, there is a place for quilters. Inside a the limo full of guys going to a bachelor party at Gracie’s is not the place.

Here in Utah we got to just put our foot down on these ridiculous ideas, this is the beehive state for heaven’s sake. Just like there’s no crying in baseball… There should be no quilting in limos.